This is a man who knows exactly what he does to us.

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and now for another riveting installment of “the adventures of funko pop!thorin”


thorin oakenshield seems to have run into an adversary ohno


the king approaches


ohno the king is caught in his foe’s furry clutches


is all hope lost???? is this the end for thorin oakenshield?????? are theRE STILL SALMON BITS IN THE WHISKAS?????????????????


ohno wait he just wanted some cat cuddles


thorin seems to be enjoying these kitty kisses, i must say


"we must never speak of this again, fuzzy giant"


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Get to Know: Richard Armitage (insp.)


 @RCArmitage comes in at 79 on this week’s IMDb Starmeter. #IntoTheStorm drops to 23.  #TheHobbit films stay top 500. #UrbanMovie soars. Twitter definitely bumped visibility past few days. Happy Birthday!

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Adrian Schiller, ladies and gents…

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Richard’s mum (and dad) were at the Crucible on Saturday (Visiting their birthday boy,probably)

A friend gave permission to post this here (featuring Elizabeth). She said he gets his height from his dad. 

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Posted separately for mezzmerizedbyrichard :)

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I’ve heard a rumour that Richard is on Google Earth? At the Old Vic backstage door on Webber Street? My PC is too old for Google Earth to work, can anyone else please take a look, and share a screenshot if it’s true!

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I think it was Gandalf who originally approached Thorin and was like, “I’ve been thinking of Erebor and I want to talk to you about it.” Which of course to somebody who’s yearning for that moment, he’s certainly up for sitting down and conversing with him. And I think when Gandalf invites the Dwarves to Bag End, I don’t actually believe in our version of the story that he just says, “Look, this is going to be the place. We’re going to find a burglar, come to Bag End at this time and we’ll make some plans.” 

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (47/100)

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